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Good bye, Beatismurder.com Netlabel!

I had a blast! I was there when the netlabel scene was new and exciting. A lot of new friends were made. It was an honor to discover and support amazing musicians from all over the world.

And you, audience, seemed to reciprocate these joyful activities.
Beatismurder.com's greatest hit, "The Infra-Ordinary" by Liger, has been downloaded over 30.000 times so far.
Wire magazine listed BiM among the 10 best netlabels in 2006, and I participated in the Netaudio Festival 2008 in London. People used BiM's music for films and websites.

All in all, I'm very happy I did all this. But lately I found myself not being able to maintain the energy, excitement and love to keep the netlabel going.
Also, seriously, who cares about free music? The gold-digging times of the early netaudio days are over, we could never attract the attention of the "real" folks. Everything stayed in a small circle of nerds.
My first step of escape was starting a real (physical) label, and now i finally go all the way: from now on I will concentrate all my efforts and time on Beatismurder Records.

So, thanks to all who downloaded, supported and contributed to these fine releases. You made my life more enjoyable and I will remember these days with immense gratification.

Dino Spiluttini, February 2011




















Dear visitors. There won't be any more new releases here. However, this page will serve as a legacy and archive of Beatismurder.com's achievements. Feel free to download and enjoy these excellent pieces of music. For free.