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Bim06 - Sepia Hours - Sometimes Making Something Leads To Nothing













A post-rock - ambient - intimist - minimalist - indietronica - improv - electronic- experimental project . . .

Sepia Hours is an indietronica, experimental and post-modern songwriting project by S├Ębastien Biset, historian of art, artist and musician from Belgium. An emphasis on fragmented forms, discontinuous narratives, and random-seeming collages of different materials and emotions.

Through different releases, Sepia Hours needs to control his explorations. Between instrumental minimalism (using instruments in different ways), indie songs, experimentation and electronics, whispers and veiled samplers, between attempts and unavoidable errors, sounds investigations try to come as pure organic material.

Spontaneousness, dissidence, control, breathing, whispers, screams, complaint, joy, steps, steps, steps, itinerary, steps, traces.

Drift. Wander.















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