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Bim23 - Anton - Let's Go, I'm Going













After releasing stuff on respected Netlabels like Bumpfoot, Poni Republic and Headphonica, Anton returns with a trippy and fun ride through IDM's history.
And holy Aphex beats, Batman! This kid has certainly done his IDM homework and knows his way around his old-school-equipment.

"Let's Go, I'm going" mixes Bogdan Raczynski's playful lo-fi-quirkiness with Aphex Twin's virtuosic sense for details.
Of course, the ingredients aren't exactly new: detuned synth pads, manic drum rolls, 8bit hooklines. But it's all mixed in an original and most fun way.

In all honesty: i love this stuff. This young american fellow is a musical genius. A braindance wunderkind. And he doesn't even know!

"my name is anton. i am most interested in making music with both dramatic relaxing and emotive feelings, creating around the idea of themes."

Aaaaw. Modest. Now download this gem. And feel free to tell Anton how awesome he is:













TRACKLIST (click to listen or download)

1. The Works
2. Goov
3. There There
4. Wbejk
5. I Do I Do
6. Nap Kedu
7. Birds
8. We Need You
9. We're Different Colors
10. Triangle
11. One Two
12. Oh
13. Tribe
14. Together With Me
15. For You
16. At

Full Release (.zip)