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Bim12 - Thee Moths - Sparrows And More Sparrows


















Alex Botten's fourth full length album as Thee Moths is like your best friend coming over with a bag full of heartwarming surprises. Very personal stuff, performed in the most charming way, but nothing else was to be expected from this fine bloke.
Oh, and also, it's about birds. Obviously.

A lot of things have changed since the release of his last release on Beatismurder.com. The whiz kid of glitchfolk concrète has reinvented himself.
Alex has left his comfortable seat between likeminded artists such as The Microphones and Lucky Dragons (both oh them being ex-stagemates of Thee Moths), and moved on to a completely different world of musical expression.

Whatever made him trade the fieldrecordings-based glitch-folk-mini-etudes for the new upbeat, song-oriented, uhm, almost pop-ish tunes: it is a revelation. Alex finally found his musical home.

Drum patterns and chants, more electronics and less guitars and the newfound catchyness make this release an outstanding piece of underground P-O-P.

The central piece on "Sparrows..." has to be "Five Hundred Tiny Beating Hearts", where all the cornerstones of Alex' recent artistic expression are bundled into one epic 9 minute beam of glitch-EMO!

Alex: "Lord should i fight or flee?"
World: "Don't give it up!"


















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