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Bim18 - Model Warships- Merchant













Merchant is the debut full-length of Model Warships -
the lo-fi, implosive solo songwriting project of Michael Waters.

Previously found honing his craft in groups ranging from ambient and noise to post-rock and folk, Model Warships represents the culmination of these disparate influences, blending pop structures with emotive vocals and experimental arrangements.

Beginning in late 2008 with a handful of simple guitar-driven songs, they gradually evolved and disintegrated in parallel with Waters's own trends in self-destruction. An album of catharsis and introspection, Merchant is recorded with a stark, lo-fi sound which imbues even the more plaintive corners of the album with an undercurrent of brutality and panic.

All words/music/recording by Michael Waters, except 'Bad Wolves' with words/music by Michael Waters and Natalie Guest.

For fans of Frog Eyes, Xiu Xiu, The Music Tapes, The Microphones/Mt Eerie, Sufjan Stevens.












TRACKLIST (click to listen or download)

1.) Good Actors
2.) Fuel
3.) I Will Drag
4.) Muddy Flow
5.) Good Predators
6.) Damned Actors
7.) New Seasons
8.) Bird Heart
9.) Bad Wolves

Full Release (.zip)