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Bim04 - V.A. - I Look Pretty Different When I'm Alone













No longer alone and even prettier now: Bruspi's edgecrushing debut album as deconstructed and reinterpreted by international knobtwiddlers. Those guys layed their caressing hands on the original tracks and went far beyond the usual remix process to come up with something like the (evil) electronic and less guitar-oriented brother (it is a boy!) of "i look pretty when i'm alone".

People like DuranDurandom, Formant, Rich.Vom.Dorf or the guys from Legoego show us that there actually is a way to make people dance to Bruspi's sounds, while other tracks by Orange Kid, Yeah Pretty Boy and Vanilla Princess emancipate the noisier sides. Not to forget the bearded boys from Versalife, who totally crossed out everything "emo" and built a muscular counterpart to the original "the bugs, the buuuuugs!". Metal! Testosterone! Thousands of stars, metalguitars!

Now let me se you stripped!















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