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Bim13 - Jupitter Goes Quattrocento - Hills Go 400













I'm not at all the encyclopedia of european microscenes, but i dare to assert that there must be some kind of Belgian indie-postrock-avantgarde-homerecording-whatever-scene. And alongside the highly acclaimed hero of sadness - Sepia Hours - there's a "new" star to build the underground's spearhead: Jupitter Goes Quattrocento. Hills Go 400 approaches the aesthetics of postfolk in the vein of acts like the mid-90s Hood, featuring sleepy vocals, post-rock nurtured guitars and glitchy beats soaked with reveeeeerb. The loose arrangements, squirky synths and noises probably make the album not the most accessible peace of pop, but it will definitely grow on you. Noone can escape the New Wave Of Belgian Postfolk. Word!











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