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1. Fear Has A Stunning Body (Piano Version)
2. Young Nudes With A Knife (Harmonium Version, live)
3. All Caps (Acoustic)
4. Oh Chicken Feathers (covered by Dust Covered Carpet)
5. Me Protools You Jane (covered by R/V/LT/D)
6. You Are Made Of Win And Gold (YPB Remix)
7. Split Yourself Lilith (R/V/LT/D Remix)
8. Split Yourself Lilith (Sky Barstow Remix)
9. Split Yourself Lilith (Hidden Letters Remix)


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This CDr EP features alternative versions, remixes and covers of Liger songs. Most of them might offer you an enlightening insight into Liger's music: behind all that elements that some people sometimes find to be distracting and annoying, there are real (pop?)songs.

On the other hand, the dancier side of Liger comes to light through the featured remixes. YPB turns "You Are Made Of Win And Gold" into a modern R'n'B anthem, while Sky Barstow brings back the funk with his Sonic The Hedgehog style approach on "Split Yourself Lilith".

This record is limited to 66 copies and comes with three different artworks.

You can listen to full-length previews of all songs on



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