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1. Quitter
2. Split Yourself Lilith <img src="noflash.gif" width="10" height="10" alt="" />
3. There's No Brighter Light Than Mine
4. Vague And Undeveloped
5. All Caps
6. Me Protools You Jane
7. Young Nudes With A Knife
8. You Are An Engineer Too
9. Oh Chicken Feathers
10. Fear Has A Stunning Body
11. Comeback A.I.


Split Yourself Lilith


Crash Symbols Microsite



"“Crash Symbols” became such a wonderful revelation. (...) Central to the Liger muzak now and then: Dino Spiluttini’s trembling bass-baritone, full of strength and failure, sex and melody. (...) What makes “Crash Symbols” outstanding in spite of everything is Dino’s talent to write touching melodies. (...) I’m an addict, hella goth!"
(Phlow Magazine)

"Who said we should imagine Sysiphos as a happy man? I don’t remember, but he probably has “crash symbols” on his ipod while rolling that rock up that hill. (...)
Rarely will you hear an album with so many indirect and direct variations of lost love, broken love, frustrated love, dead and dying love, desperate love and bleak and terrible love.
(...)it is definitely an album worth listening to an eleventh time and then some more, because to some people it will easily jump over the “interesting” treshold, and become a wonderfully illustrated roadmap to the human mind. Because, after all and despite of all the desperation, the spark of hope in mankind and the possibility of love is always there, hidden deep and fading, but without it, all of this would sound completely different."

"eine der gelungensten heimischen Arbeiten der letzten Jahre"
(Wiener Zeitung, "Die besten CDs 2008")

"(...)das famose Debüt(...) „Crash Symbols“ klingt nicht wie eine Do-it-Yourself-Produktion aus dem Wiener Underground, sondern wie die beste Platte, die die tollen amerikanischen Pop-Spintisierer Xiu Xiu so noch nicht gemacht haben."

(c) 2009 Beatismurder Records | Designed by Dino Spiluttini