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bim09 title: she ate all the pancake EP artist: robintone january 2007
 some rights reserved. this work is licensed under a creative commons license
complete release as one packed file:

bim09.zip, 20,2MB

artwork: cover / back
d.i.y. cover f.a.q
track download (160 kbps mp3s - hosted on sonicSQUIRREL.net)
01 anymore 2.31MB
02 darwinian rhapsody 2.67MB
03 s.y.t. 3.15MB
04 primat show 3.61MB
05 cowboy song (for martha) 3.92MB
06 rembrandt & caroline 1.14MB
07 the builders 4.16MB



robintone = pathos. pathos galore.
after finishing his superhuman project to release a new song every week on friday, 26 times in a row (without offering an archive), he finally decided to give away a collection of these overwhelmingly beautiful weeklytones.


if you like the idea that brian wilson never grew old, never got into psychedelic drugs and moved into a small appartment in southern germany, or owen pallett (final fantasy) quickly grew a little bit older and swapped his violin for a bunch of analogue synthesizers then "She Ate All the Pancake"might be your perfect download of today.



robintone = love.