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1. (1.W.N.G.A.I.)
2. W.Y.D.Y.D.F.
3. L.G.O.M.W.,O.C.T.
4. I.C.C.A.A.
5. T.C.H.U.
6. I.Y.W.S.F.A.
7. I.D.D.F.
8. I.N.L.(F.A.W.D.F.)
9. N.F.A.G.A.A.
10. I.D.L.S.?


"(...)Acronymic titles like "I.C.C.A.A" (or "I Couldn't Care At All") and "I.N.L.(F.A.W.D.F.)" ("I'm Not Living for Anything Worth Dying For") paint a sense of despair, and this is only enhanced by the clammy bedroom dynamics capturing the muffled misery escaping its owner's mouth. Globetrotter Hearn's stirring electro-pop excursions add fresh meaning to the D.I.Y. template – Damned If You do, Damned If You don't."
(Reverb, Album Of The Month)

"(...)The words you can catch, leaning in close to the stereo, are awkward, beautiful and desperately sad. Alps is the kind of album you make when you can't face leaving the house, though you have to do something to keep yourself together, and as such the recording is a hesitant gift - like a zine, almost. This is DIY electro-pop with a heart, as opposed to a haircut."
(Mess And Noise)


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